Sixth Blog Post 4/25/17



Today in class I plan to make my account and site in the new WordPress to make it easier for me to create and manage my site. I also plan to create and upload my sixth Blog post and my third Washington Nationals Post.

Creating the new site in the new website I learned that this new site will help me make my content better and look better while still being on the server so the teacher can see. The site can help us become better at blogging and making website so we can create more well organized, good looking content. It also has us connected to the server so others can see and look at our work. We can look at others work for ideas they came up with and inspiration for our own site.

The goal for next class is to import all the data and stuff we need from our WordPress sites so we can continue making out sites with the benefits of the new admin page. I also plan to upload my seventh blog.


Fifth Blog Post 4/24/17



Today in class I plan to connect the Word Press folders and things I need with dream weaver to make it easier for me to edit my website and make changes to it. I also plan to make my own server with my stuff to keep organized and not mess up any ones own stuff.

Connecting Word press and Dream weaver together I learned the importance of originality ┬áin you’re website and you have to make the site yours. That’s why we would connect it so we can edit it and move stuff around to make it look nice to us and make it what we want. Making the server I learned how to keep track of my stuff without mixing it up with other peoples and not getting in the way of there stuff. Keeping my stuff where it needs to be is important so I can find it and keep track of it so I can constantly update it and make sure its good.

In the future I plan to bring in the personal changes to dream weaver for my website with the blogs and everything else so I can begin updating it.

Fourth Blog Post 4/11/17



Today in class I plan to create my first Washington Nationals post and upload my fourth blog post for web design. I also plan to view more templates for my site because the one I’m using right now does not seem to fit my needs anymore with the more blogs I post.

While trying to create both my blog posts I learned the importance of having a lot of media to put in so you can keep the viewers interested and have the media relate to the subject also. Viewing more templates I learned that you need a template that fits the theme of both subjects so the site can look nice and have everything be working out.

Tomorrow I plan to upload my fifth blog post for web design and my second one for the nationals website. I also plan to try and choose a new template to keep everything organized and looking good.


Third Blog Post 4/10/17



Today in class I plan to upload my third blog post. I also plan to add Mr.Scott as a contribute to my website so he can give me some insight and tips to make my blogs better. I will also try to make another website section about something other then web design like the Washington Nationals.

I accomplished adding Mr.Scott as a contributor to my website and while doing that I learned to benefits to having people look at, comment, and edit my blogs to make them better and more interesting to read. Also while making the Nationals site I learned more about word press and how it helps people create and update websites for new and interesting news. I also learned that keeping organized is very important when you have to manage two different sites.

Tomorrow I plan to upload my first post to the Washington Nationals website and upload my fourth one to this one. I also plan to try and make my uploads better.

Second Blog Post 4/6/17



Today in class I plan to choose one of the temps to put all my blogs on that would look good and be organized at the same time. I also plan to create my second blog post and make it better than the first one. I also plan to cheer on the Robo-Rebels in there match so they can get a win and move up in the standings.

I cheered on the Robo-Rebels and they won but they didn’t get the most points as possible so Mr.Scott was pretty mad. I chose a temp for my website that fit what I wanted and had it organized and readable for the people in class to get the point and be able to navigate the site. There were many sites that fit the needs for the class but they just didn’t look good so I didn’t choose them. There were also a lot that were very pleasing to the eye and looked really good but didn’t have that good organization or navigation so I could choose those either. I had to choose something in the middle that fit both my needs. I learned that you cant have too much colors and pictures to make you’re site look pretty without having a organization key to keep stuff in there place and make them look good there.

The plans for the future are to keep up with the blogs and keep getting better at writing them and informing you on what I need to inform you. I also want to make my site look better in Word Press and Dream Weaver to make it look the best it can.

My First Blog Post 4/5/17




Hi. Today in class I plan to accomplish watching some videos to learn more about Word Press. Another goal I will accomplish will be browsing for a nice template to continue my blogging career on.

In class we all achieved my goal together by watching some videos on about word press and how to use it. We learned how to get all set up on word press and we learned about how to use word press to it’s full abilities. It really helped us get a basic understanding of the site and how to use it. I also accomplished my own goal by going to word press and finding a pleasing template to fit my blogs. There were a lot of templates to choose from and they offered a wide range of themes, and colors to choose from.

The next steps will be to continuously upload blogs about our classwork and to keep myself updated and up to pace with the work. I will also be working on my second blog post and trying to focus on the correction arias in this one.