Rest of the MLB Season


Due to this being my last post for the Nationals part of the website I’m going predict the rest of the season for them and what they will do in the playoffs. The Nationals will end up grabbing the number 1 seed in the National league conference by going  120-50. They will face of with the Arizona Diamondbacks in there first series in the playoffs. They will end up sweeping  this series because the Diamondbacks and kinda trash. They will then move on to face the Chicago Cubs in the next series. The will also beat them but this time losing 2 games in the process. In the National League finals the Nationals will end up facing off against the Colorado Rockies for the title and to move on. This series will end up going to 7 games with the Nationals  winning in the end. They will raise that title and move on to the world series where they will face off against the Houston Astros. The Nationals will end up winning the championship 4 games to 1 with the Astros left in despair. The Nationals  will bring the title back to Washington for the first time ever.


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