Sixth Blog Post 4/25/17



Today in class I plan to make my account and site in the new WordPress to make it easier for me to create and manage my site. I also plan to create and upload my sixth Blog post and my third Washington Nationals Post.

Creating the new site in the new website I learned that this new site will help me make my content better and look better while still being on the server so the teacher can see. The site can help us become better at blogging and making website so we can create more well organized, good looking content. It also has us connected to the server so others can see and look at our work. We can look at others work for ideas they came up with and inspiration for our own site.

The goal for next class is to import all the data and stuff we need from our WordPress sites so we can continue making out sites with the benefits of the new admin page. I also plan to upload my seventh blog.


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