Nat’s Lose the Streak 4/25/17



Yesterday the Washington Nationals faced off with the Colorado Rockies with an 8 game winning streak in there eyes. Unfortunately the Nats lose 8 to 4 with the Rockies coming up with an amazing offensive  performance. The Rockies were only up by 1 going into the eight but had a good offensive inning scoring 3 runs and having a 4 run lead trying to close out the game. The Nationals scoring all there runs in the 6th couldn’t seem to pull out the come back and went down with there winning streak.

The key player for the Rockies was Tony Wolters who went 3 for 4 with 2 runs batted in. The only player to seem to be performing for the Nats was Anthony Rendon who went 3 for 4 with 1 runs batted in as he tried to get the Nats back in it. The Nationals went into this game without Bryce Harper which made it really hard for them to get back in it and make some plays without there captain. The Nationals really need to pick it up going into they’re second game tonight against the Rockies. To win they will need more help on offense and some more defensive plays closing out games.



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