Fifth Blog Post 4/24/17



Today in class I plan to connect the Word Press folders and things I need with dream weaver to make it easier for me to edit my website and make changes to it. I also plan to make my own server with my stuff to keep organized and not mess up any ones own stuff.

Connecting Word press and Dream weaver together I learned the importance of originality  in you’re website and you have to make the site yours. That’s why we would connect it so we can edit it and move stuff around to make it look nice to us and make it what we want. Making the server I learned how to keep track of my stuff without mixing it up with other peoples and not getting in the way of there stuff. Keeping my stuff where it needs to be is important so I can find it and keep track of it so I can constantly update it and make sure its good.

In the future I plan to bring in the personal changes to dream weaver for my website with the blogs and everything else so I can begin updating it.


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