Second Blog Post 4/6/17



Today in class I plan to choose one of the temps to put all my blogs on that would look good and be organized at the same time. I also plan to create my second blog post and make it better than the first one. I also plan to cheer on the Robo-Rebels in there match so they can get a win and move up in the standings.

I cheered on the Robo-Rebels and they won but they didn’t get the most points as possible so Mr.Scott was pretty mad. I chose a temp for my website that fit what I wanted and had it organized and readable for the people in class to get the point and be able to navigate the site. There were many sites that fit the needs for the class but they just didn’t look good so I didn’t choose them. There were also a lot that were very pleasing to the eye and looked really good but didn’t have that good organization or navigation so I could choose those either. I had to choose something in the middle that fit both my needs. I learned that you cant have too much colors and pictures to make you’re site look pretty without having a organization key to keep stuff in there place and make them look good there.

The plans for the future are to keep up with the blogs and keep getting better at writing them and informing you on what I need to inform you. I also want to make my site look better in Word Press and Dream Weaver to make it look the best it can.


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